Saturday, December 20, 2008

Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

So, your wedding is coming up real soon and its time for your bridal shower. Your bridal shower is a time for you and your girlfriends and female relatives to get together and celebrate the up-coming event.

Choose the perfect location. Ideally, have your bridal shower will be hosted at your Maid Of Honor's house. If that is not the best location, choose a nice reception hall or a favorite restaurant with a private room.

Set the tone for your party with custom-made invitations. There are several online stores that sell ready-made invitations or go the extra mile and get some custom-made ones. has some great invitations, personalized and standard, and the prices are awesome!

Another great printing site is They have very reasonable prices and unique styles and sizes. Upload your own custom image or use a ready-made template for that personalized touch.

Decorating can be minimal or all-out... Its up to you! Sometimes, a little goes a long way though. Special favors and treats can make your guests feel important. A great site for those is at They have a huge selection of Bridal Shower favors with lots of options.

Having games at your shower can add a party mood. has has free games you can download and print right from your computer!

Remember to thank each and every one of your guests with thank-you cards. Pre-printed is fine but put in a hand-written note for each guest to let them know you really care.

Your bridal shower is a day you will always remember. My wedding was almost 10 years ago and I smile every time I think of all of my girlfriends hanging out with my mom there and my grandmother. Happy memories indeed!

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