Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Victorian-Inspired Etsy Graphic Set

So, apparently I'm on a Victorian kick. Maybe its from seeing all of those fabulous "Steampunk" items on etsy. I've made two new Etsy Graphic packages which have sets of graphics for sale items, vacation, etc....

The first one really has that rich cCustom Etsy Graphic Set Victorian Damask Steampunk Aurelle Designshocolate look I just adore:

I really like the way that one turned out. Then I found a fabulous French looking black flower background and that inspired yet another Etsy banner and graphic set. Being from Louisiana
there are fleur-de-lys everywhere and this one just had that feel to it.Custom Etsy Graphic Set French Black Shabby Chic Aurelle DesignsCustom Etsy Banner Set Design French Black Flowers Fleur Graphic Aurelle Designs

The Shabby Chic font goes just perfectly with the crisp black flowers.

I've got about 40 more patterns that I am really excited about working with but my real life has me at a meeting early in the morning so I'm off to bed for the night!

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