Sunday, November 30, 2008

Banner Re-design Project

In an effort to give banner design a try, I posted in the etsy forum that I was offering free banner redesigns...

There were a few responses and I just finished my first one. I'm not sure what it is about her shop (her items are beautiful), but it was a difficult task. I guess I really want the banner to capture the feel of her shop and hopefully, I have done just that.

Here is the original design:

and a link to her shop:
Luminous Soul Designs

and here is the re-do:

Custom Etsy Banner

The next one was fabulous and funky! She requested bright colors and a mod feel.

First the original:

and my re-do:
Custom Etsy Banner By Aurelle Designs

She has the neatest upcycled items!

Check her out at: Happy Accidents

Once Liz received the image, she had a few changes and here are the results of those:
Custom Etsy Banner Funky Modern

It does look better now :) It captures the mood of her shop for sure!
The next one I did had a generic sales banner, probably for the holidays...
She makes awesome handbags: AStonesThrow
Here is her new banner... I hope she likes it! I used some images from her shop as the inspiration for the color and design...Custom Etsy Banner By Aurelle Designs

It seems like they are all in shades of teal!

More to come shortly - I will try not to use teal this time LOL

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